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RUSSELL LED Light Upgrade

A RUSSELL LED Light Upgrade is a reliable and cost-effective way to reduce heat emission and ensure light coverage of the work area. This modern, RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine (MRM) fitted lighting solution is a smart step up from standard halogen work lights to greatly improve mill visibility and safety.


  • Minimises risks associated with poor visibility, improves reline safety
  • Eliminates repetitive tasks such as replacing halogen lights
  • LED lights are more efficient and provide greater comfort levels for reline crews
  • Removes a large heat source circumstantially positioned near the RUSSELL MRM operator
  • Superior to older technology, such as xenon or halogen, by reducing demand on the electrical system
  • Better lighting supports faster relining and other maintenance tasks
  • High quality, technology solution suitable for the mining environment
  • Increases productivity and mill availability


  • LED lights have increased durability and are water resistant
  • Improved lights reduces current, increasing power capacity
  • Complies with in-mill extra low voltage requirements
  • Optional light pole delivers light from a high vantage point for safer operation
  • Integrated lighting solution ensures less congestion on the mill charge, no trailing leads and fewer hazards
  • Upgrade can be completed as part of a major service to save on labour costs
  • Accommodates a range of upgrade possibilities away from 24VAC halogen lights that are less readily available
  • Upgrade solutions determined by the RUSSELL MRM, and can include magnetic 20W LED work lights
  • Includes upgraded safety manuals, warranty protection and parts support



  • Compatible with existing RUSSELL MRMs
  • Available as dual or quad 50W LED light pole suited to your RUSSELL MRM



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"Investing in LEDs and a light pole minimises the risks associated with poor mill visibility, and delivers a longer lasting lighting solution for crews throughout the entire shift, allowing them to focus on the task at hand."

Tarnya McBurney
Product Manager - RUSSELL Mill Relining Placement Machines & RUSSELL Feed Chute Transporters, RUSSELL MINERAL EQUIPMENT