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O-ZONE Liner Lifting Tools

When it’s time to safely, quickly secure and pick up worn liners from the mill charge, RME’s range of O-ZONE Liner Lifting Tools provide a safe alternative for liner transport. Used in conjunction with your RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine (MRM), O-ZONE Scissors, Grips and Hooks provide crews a reliable solution for fast, safe relines and greater mill availability.


  • Efficiently removes worn liners from the mill charge, thereby increasing reline productivity and mill availability
  • Improves reline safety by eliminating dangerous practices like slinging
  • Using O-ZONE Liner Lifting Tools facilitates systematic handling processes, leading to reduced reline time
  • Flow on benefits include ongoing RME service and parts support
  • Best-in-industry quality and reliability


  • Each tool has been type tested to ensure compliance to lifting standards AS4991 and AS3776

O-ZONE Scissors

  • Engage worn liners that fall face down and are without retained liner bolts, providing an essential
    lifting point for worn liner removal
  • Scissors are closed, inserted and opened within the worn liner bolt hole
  • O-ZONE Scissors and Grips can be used together for effective liner removal

O-ZONE Hooks

  • Specially designed hook is necessary to lock the O-ZONE Scissors
  • Unique hook handle keeps fingers safely away from hook and tool engagement
  • Hooks and Rigging Chains adapt between the RUSSELL MRM or RUSSELL Mill Liner Handler (MLH) lifting hooks and O-ZONE Liner Lifting Tools 

O-ZONE Grips

  • Engage worn liners that fall face down with retained liner bolts, providing an essential lifting point for worn liner removal
  • O-ZONE Scissors and Grips can be mixed when liners have one retained bolt and one free bolt hole



  • O-ZONE Liner Lifting Tools can be used with your existing RUSSELL MRM and RUSSELL MLH 
  • Available in a variety of bolt sizes and lifting capacities ranging from 1500kg to 8000kg



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"RME’s O-ZONE Liner Lifting Tools, used in conjunction with the RUSSELL MRM, are expertly-engineered to safely remove worn liners. Our range of quality equipment and complete solutions replaces the need for rudimentary lifting techniques such as choking liners with chains or slings."

Tarnya McBurney
Product Manager - RUSSELL Mill Relining Placement Machines & RUSSELL Feed Chute Transporters, RUSSELL MINERAL EQUIPMENT