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RUSSELL Corner Block Lifting Tool

The RUSSELL Corner Block Lifting Tool is a custom manufactured accessory which accelerates the installation of corner block liners during mill relining. Attaching easily and securely to the RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine (MRM) grapple tool pins, the RUSSELL Corner Block Lifting Tool enables RUSSELL MRM operators to sling, lift and handle heavy awkward loads safely.


  • Faster, safer mill corner block liner manipulation during liner placement phase of mill relining
  • Alleviates clashes between RUSSELL MRM grapple and liners adjacent to corner blocks
  • Greater reach enables corner block liners to be slung into place without manual intervention
  • Eliminates dangerous practices, removes operators from risk and improves safety
  • Prevents damage to mill shell and RUSSELL MRM grapple from improper use
  • Increases RUSSELL MRM asset utilisation and operator efficiency
  • Reduces liner placement time, reline duration and improves mill availability


  • Custom manufactured to meet heavy and angular mill corner block liner placement needs
  • Caters to various working load limits and all corner block liner sizes
  • Integrates with both 2-pin and 4-pin RUSSELL MRM grapple tools
  • Facilitates slinging of corner block liners up to 950mm horizontally offset from the RUSSELL MRM
    grapple tool pins
  • Heavy-duty mounting plate for interfacing with the RUSSELL MRM grapple
  • High-strength lifting arm manufactured in compliance with AS 4991 Lifting Devices
  • Swivel hook with ball bearing allows freedom of movement and secure lifting, slinging and placement
    of corner block liners
  • Works with a range of adjustable slings



  • Engineered-to-order to fit RUSSELL 7 and RUSSELL 8 MRMs
  • Available as an OEM factory-fitted option or a retrofit accessory for all RUSSELL MRMs



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