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THUNDERBOLT Moil Axis Guides (T-MAGs)

The THUNDERBOLT T-MAG Moil Axis Guide (T-MAG) is ergonomically designed for use with THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammers to make liner bolt knock-in safer and more efficient. With a powerful magnet that adheres temporarily to the mill shell, the innovative T-MAG eliminates the need for additional personnel in the THUNDERBOLT Hammer strike zone, and ensures fast, reliable and safe relines.


  • Eliminates hand held moil guides for greater efficiency
  • Magnetised attachment reduces injury risks and improves reline safety
  • Precision engineered to extend moil and bolt life, reducing equipment costs
  • Minimises shell and bolt hole damage
  • Higher levels of operator safety in hazardous areas


  • Range of T-MAGs available to suit most liner bolts based on bolt diameter, length of bolt protruding mill shell, and washer use, diameter and thickness
  • Targeted, consistent bolt strikes enable swifter, more efficient bolt removal and improved reline times
  • Protects the operator’s eyes, face and other vulnerable body from metal shards from incorrectly
    aligned THUNDERBOLT Hammer use possible without T-MAGs
  • Moil guide body is made of high-wearing, rigid polyurethane
  • Powerful magnets allow the T-MAGs to ‘stick’ to the shell, and can be easily removed and repositioned
  • T-MAGs magnets can be switched on and off for easy manipulation
  • The T-MAG adds another level of safety and productivity to mill operations, to get the best
    equipment investment



  • T-MAGs are most effectively used in sets, with a recommended quantity of four T-MAGs per THUNDERBOLT Hammer
  • T-MAG use builds upon the results Customers are already achieving with the THUNDERBOLT Hammer
  • RME provides certified training in the use of THUNDERBOLT Hammers and accessories



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"The T-MAG has been extensively tested in the field and at our Product Development centre. The data collected showed a reduction in mill bolt removal times by up to 5 hours on high wear relines of large mills and up to 3 hours on medium mills. The time saving increases when more Hammers are utilised for liner bolt knock-in."

Christian Kramer