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RUSSELL Machine Covers

RUSSELL Machine Covers provide essential protection to RUSSELL Mill Relining Machines (MRMs) and RUSSELL Feed Chute Transporters (FCTs) while they are in storage between relines. Well maintained equipment is safer, and a custom-fit Machine Cover helps to preserve and protect RUSSELL MRMs and RUSSELL FCTs for fast, reliable, safe relines and greater mill availability.


  • Protects RME assets from the harsh conditions of mining environments
  • Optimises RUSSELL MRM and FCT longevity and productivity
  • High-quality solution that closely fits to the unique shape and size of each RUSSELL MRM and FCT
  • Reduced rates of componentry corrosion mean lower maintenance requirements and costs
  • Premium materials are easy to use and clean
  • Operationally-ready equipment increases opportunities for concentrator profitability


  • RUSSELL Machine Covers ensure equipment is protected from the corrosive effects of dripping machinery fluids, saline-based cleaners and dust
  • Custom-made to ensure a snug fit for the specific dimensions of each RUSSELL MRM or FCT
  • Tear, puncture and abrasion-resistant canvas coated with high quality PVC
  • Double-sided acrylic lacquer coated PVC for tough performance and easy cleaning
  • Solutions available for covering the entire RUSSELL MRM or the lower assemblies only
  • Standard and deluxe RUSSELL Machine Covers offer different levels of protection at varying price points
  • Fitted D-ring fasteners or rope fastening for easy operation to use



  • Compared to the cost of repairs or component replacement during a service, RUSSELL Machine Covers offer a cost-effective solution for protecting equipment from environmental conditions
  • Engineers can prepare accurate, detailed and specific quotes for every RUSSELL MRM and FCT



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"RUSSELL Machine Covers protect your RUSSELL MRM and RUSSELL FCT from harsh operating environments and minimise exposure to weather, moisture, oil, dust and dirt. It’s the ultimate way to safeguard your RME equipment against damage from corrosion."

Tarnya McBurney
Product Manager - RUSSELL Mill Relining Placement Machines & RUSSELL Feed Chute Transporters, RUSSELL MINERAL EQUIPMENT