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RUSSELL CHARGE ACCESS is a safety solution, installed by dropping over the linercart rail. It provides easy access to the charge from the RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine (MRM) beam. The fixed or adjustable ladder configurations provide a welcome alternative to unsafe access methods. RUSSELL CHARGE ACCESS offers the ultimate in efficiency and performance when manoeuvrability and safety are essential.


  • Eliminates dangerous practices and improves reline safety
  • Increases reline productivity and mill availability
  • Easy to use, simply drops over the linercart rail
  • Engineered as a safety solution for Ball, SAG and AG mills
  • High-quality solution tailored to the mining environment
  • Fulfils HSE compliance requirements as a proactive solution to mitigate risk


  • Strong, aluminium frame for easy manoeuvrability or handling
  • Efficient drop-in design and secure attachment
  • Light enough to be installed and removed by one person
  • Expertly-engineered to withstand the mill environment
  • Supplied with fixed length step ladder for use in Ball mills
  • Supplied with adjustable length ladder for SAG and AG mills
  • Handrails ensure user has three points of contact at all times
  • Even-step platforms for extra stability and rungs for ease of use
  • Prevent dangers of a ‘lean-to’ ladder perched on an uneven charge
  • Engineering assessment determines the height of the RUSSELL MRM beam over the charge and the bracket configuration to best suit the linercart rails



  • Compatible with existing RUSSELL MRMs for reliability and productivity
  • Integrates with other RUSSELL SAFETY Products (RUSSELL Height Safety, RUSSELL RESCUE RAISE) to form a complete, integrated safety system



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"With ever-increasing health and safety requirements in the mining industry, we’ve created a mill charge access safety solution that mitigates risks and protects crews, plus it’s really durable and easy to use."

John Russell
Founder and Executive Chairman, RUSSELL MINERAL EQUIPMENT