RUSSELL Height Safety

RUSSELL Height Safety products provide safe travel and fall protection solutions for your RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine (MRM). All solutions combine user comfort, ease-of-use and flexibility, with superior durability, to safeguard operators as they encounter hazards when moving at height over narrow beams, to and from the confined space of the mill.


  • Enables reline crews to work at-height safely and productively
  • Safer and secure travel along the RUSSELL MRM beam where fall protection is needed
  • Can be custom-fit for new RUSSELL MRMs and retrofitted to existing RUSSELL MRMs
  • Best-in-industry quality, durability and reliability
  • OEM custom manufactured and certified
  • Controls hazards and reduces operational risks


RUSSELL Height Safety - All options

  • High-strength to withstand maximum fall arrest forces
  • Fast to assemble, comfortable and easy-to-use 

RUSSELL Height Safety – Portal Single & Portal TWIN:

  • RUSSELL MRM platform-mounted fall arrest lifeline structure at mill entry for safe access to liner cart and RUSSELL CHARGE ACCESS

RUSSELL Height Safety – Beam Traverse Single:

  • Fall arrest posts with lanyard attachment points for protection while traversing the RUSSELL MRM beam
  • Post locations ensure operators are always connected during travel

RUSSELL Height Safety – Beam Traverse TWIN:

  • A mast and lanyard system that allows safe travel along the RUSSELL MRM beam
  • Three trolleys for independent access for two RUSSELL MRM operators + observer
  • Three-point contact system for maximum support and stability

RUSSELL Height Safety – Beam Traverse Compact:

  • Provides fall restraint while accessing the RUSSELL MRM operator console
  • Dual-lanyard system ensures operator remains tethered between anchor points and limits fall height from beam



  • Engineered-to-order for any size mill and RUSSELL MRM (Single and TWIN) including mills with small entries
  • Flexible system options offer secure fall protection without inhibiting mobility



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"Keeping people safe requires a relentless pursuit of safety – literally at every step. These practical solutions will protect crew from falling-from-height hazards when traversing the RUSSELL MRM during mill access and egress. Don’t risk a reline without RUSSELL Height Safety products."

Tarnya McBurney
Product Manager - RUSSELL Mill Relining Placement Machines & RUSSELL Feed Chute Transporters, RUSSELL MINERAL EQUIPMENT