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RUSSELL Mill Surveillance

RUSSELL Mill Surveillance is a technology innovation that can identify risky reline behaviours and maximise personnel safety. With high quality cameras raised above the RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine (MRM) providing 360-degree colour vision in the mill, RUSSELL Mill Surveillance is an effective way to check on the progress of a reline, conduct safety audits and help reduce hazards to relining personnel.


  • Superior system for auditing safe work practices during relines
  • Identify and rectify unsafe work behaviours enabling best practice training for personnel
  • High-quality safety solution tailored to the mining environment
  • Engineered for continuous footage with review and export capabilities
  • Camera footage helps with decision-making and budget planning
  • Real-time safety feed means opportunities for improving mill availability
  • In-mill surveillance cameras remove the need for concentrator management and safety personnel to enter the confined space of the mill


  • 24/7 ability to monitor reline activities and progress
  • High-quality, colour footage makes in-mill visibility efficient and effective
  • Multi day continuous high resolution recording, allowing diagnostic review of reline footage in the event of an incident
  • Wide-angle cameras can be mounted on the RUSSELL MRM turntable
  • 360 degree high-definition camera option is positioned above the RUSSELL MRM operator
  • Engineering assessment of interface considerations and local power supplies specific to each site provided



  • Ideally suited for safety personnel and management wishing to observe reline progress without entering the confined space of the mill
  • Reduces the visual barrier for managers wishing to enforce safe work practices that are consistent with site standards
  • Demonstrates a proactive, safety solution system to identify and mitigate hazardous processes
  • Allows for development training of personnel to achieve best practice relining



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"Use RUSSELL Mill Surveillance to see reline activities and progress, all without having to enter the mill yourself."

Tarnya McBurney
Product Manager - RUSSELL Mill Relining Placement Machines & RUSSELL Feed Chute Transporters, RUSSELL MINERAL EQUIPMENT