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The RUSSELL RESCUE RAISE is a mobile jib and stretcher system that gives crews a safe, reliable way of responding to a medical emergency inside the mill. It connects onto the RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine (MRM) for strength and speed, and this easy-to-assemble rescue solution can be carried into the mill for fast deployment.


  • Enables fast emergency rescue
  • Flexible, high-strength components
  • Safe and efficient recovery and protection of rescue crew
  • Intuitive design allows for easy assembly and operation
  • Portable system is light enough to carry into the mill
  • Cost-effective kit can be fitted to existing RUSSELL MRMs


  • Integrated components to safely extract a crew member from the mill charge
  • Capably handles loads of 140kg or 280kg when using the pulley
  • Sitting harness and rigid stretcher options for patient protection
  • Built-in safety features include a fall restraint anchor point on the mast
  • All equipment – jib, winch, hoist, straps and stretcher – is stowed together
  • Storage box can be wheeled between RUSSELL MRMs during relines
  • Solid storage seal for hygienic safe keeping
  • Kit key housed in secure access container
  • Case roller wheels fitted with breaks
  • Printed instructional manuals included under the lid
  • Complies with confined space and personnel rescue standards



  • One RUSSELL RESCUE RAISE can serve multiple mills and RUSSELL MRMs
  • The RUSSELL RESCUE RAISE is an essential part of the RUSSELL Safety Product Range
  • Ensures the right safety equipment is stored securely and is easily accessible during high-hazard operations
  • Preserves mill scene for incident investigations



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"The RUSSELL RESCUE RAISE is a critical piece of safety equipment. It provides added assurance for mine site management that incident preparedness plans and response systems are in place to deal with a potential medical event during a reline."

Founder and Executive Chairman, RUSSELL MINERAL EQUIPMENT