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The JKMRC Rotary Breakage Tester (JKRBT®) has been developed by Russell Mineral Equipment in conjunction with The University of Queensland's Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre (JKMRC). The JKRBT® provides automation and precision to the measurement of energy required to process ores, assisting in the design of the most efficient ball and AG/SAG mill for a given ore body.

The JKRBT® funnels sample rocks through channels in a spinning flywheel and uses the centrifugal force to smash them against a circular anvil at up to 160 m/sec. A variable frequency drive precisely controls motor/flywheel speed (and hence the energy with which the rocks hit the anvil) and indicates the corresponding kWHrs per Tonne required to process the rock. The process is fully enclosed and samples are recovered by vacuum that collects the crushed rock in a bin. A vacuum hose attachment is provided to remove fine particles from the machine should total recovery be desired.

The JKRBT® is manufactured by RME under licence for JKMRC. RME offers our 24 hour support helpline and maintenance and spares service to JKRBT® Customers.

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