Feed Chute Transport

Rapid extraction, transportation and replacement of mill feed chutes is vital to a fast reline. Removing the feed chute is a critical task in mill maintenance, and the first activity once the mill is stopped. It allows access to the inside of the mill.

With constant vibration and an often corrosive environment, the older a feed chute gets, the harder it is to remove. This is exacerbated with the trend to bigger chutes. RME’s wide range of Feed Chute Transport technologies provide safe and efficient solutions for every situation, including rail based systems and rubber tyred, multi-wheel systems.

All RME’s products are designed and manufactured at our global headquarters in Toowoomba Australia, then serviced and supported by our Regional Service Centres around the world. RUSSELL Rubber-Tyred FCT and RUSSELL Rail FCT are designed by RME’s Engineering team to meet all necessary international codes and safety standards for the country in which the machines will be used.

RUSSELL Rubber-Tyred Feed Chute Transporter

RME offers two distinct families of rubber-tyred Feed Chute Transporters (FCT). RUSSELL Rubber-Tyred FCTs are vehicles which are independent of any mill feed chute.

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RUSSELL Rail Feed Chute Transporter

RME offers two types of Rail Feed Chute Transporters (FCT). RUSSELL Rail FCTs are designed to endure the impact loads from the operating feed chute and resist corrosion and material ingress into the working parts caused by spillage.

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Feed Chute Base

RME’s Unpowered Feed Chute Bases (UFCBs) interface between embedded floor rails, feed chutes and RME’s Powered Feed Chute Transporters (classic or multi wheeled). They can provide a reliable interface between several mills of different sizes and the one Feed Chute Transporter for a cost effective solution to feed chute management.

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