RUSSELL Rubber-Tyred Feed Chute Transporters

RME offers two distinct families of rubber-tyred Feed Chute Transporters (FCT), the RUSSELL Classic Feed Chute Transporter and the RUSSELL Multi-Wheel Feed Chute Transporter.

RUSSELL Rubber-Tyred FCTs are vehicles which are independent of any mill feed chute. The three major benefits of this solution are:

  • The ability of one FCT to service multiple mills (diesel power recommended)
  • The ability to be stored away from the feed chute during mill operation, saving the FCT from damage caused by feed chute leaks
  • The ability to negotiate floor obstacles such as spillage and embedded rail tracks

RUSSELL Rubber-Tyred FCTs can be powered hydraulically from the RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine, electrically from plant supply or, most conveniently, via on-board diesel power for independent travel. 

RUSSELL Classic Feed Chute Transporter

The ability of the RUSSELL Classic Feed Chute Transporters (FCT) to safely and quickly extract and completely remove a mills feed chute away from a mill greatly enhances the start of the reline process and the space available in front of the mill for relining access.

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RUSSELL Multi-Wheel Feed Chute Transporter

The range of RUSSELL Multi Wheel Feed Chute Transporter (FCT) significantly reduces the floor point loads by increasing the number of wheels and introducing load distribution technology.

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