THUNDERBOLT 1500 Special Performance Recoilless Hammer

The THUNDERBOLT 1500 Special Performance (SP) Recoilless Hammer is world-renowned for delivering powerful productivity and supreme operator safety. Its unflinching force of 1500 joules 60 times a minute makes light work of difficult reline conditions. Favoured by crew and operators of mid-sized and large-capacity mills alike, the THUNDERBOLT 1500 SP is a class above the rest.


  • Best-in-industry quality, reliability and longevity
  • High power performance reduces reline time and cost
  • Engineered for maintainability and lower lifecycle costs
  • Superior handling, reduced operator stress and fatigue
  • Eliminates dangerous practices, improves reline safety
  • Increased mill availability and mine site profitability


  • Delivers an explosive, precisely-controlled 1500 joules of impact – twice the force of the THUNDERBOLT 750 SP – 60 times a minute
  • Expertly-engineered to ensure minimal recoil to the operator when firing
  • Safety observer pendant to prevent accidental firing
  • Two-handed trigger mechanism for safer handling and operation
  • Electronic operator interface for observing hammer performance and controlling fire timing
  • On-board condition monitoring on usage and unexpected operation avoids unplanned stoppages and aids preventative maintenance
  • Accommodates any site-specific standard three-phase power supply
  • Upgraded hydraulic and electrical cooling systems for extended equipment life
  • Intuitive, integrated on-board hammer controls for the THUNDERBOLT Mobile Jib and Winch



  • Industry-proven performance for mid-sized to large capacity mills with liners weighing 2500kg and up
  • Faster, easier dislodge of difficult-to-remove bolts from heavily-peened liners, such as discharge end liners of larger mills
  • Suitable for Customers wishing to bolster their existing THUNDERBOLT 750 SP and THUNDERBOLT 1500 SP fleets for streamlined servicing and parts management
  • Buy backs, trade-ins and reconditioned solutions available
  • RME stands ready to guide Customers through the THUNDERBOLT selection process for their mill requirements


Refurbished Hammers

You now have the option to purchase a genuine RME THUNDERBOLT Special Performance Hammer and Power Pack, fully refurbished and restored to ‘as-new’ condition by our team of expert engineers. Improve reline productivity and safety with a refurbished THUNDERBOLT 1500 Special Performance Recoilless Hammer and Power Pack for significantly less than the recommended retail price*. These Special Performance Hammers also come with a 12-month warranty to ensure you purchase with confidence.

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"The mighty THUNDERBOLT 1500 SP is a true hero of our recoilless hammer range and outperforms other liner bolt removal tools in its class. Its proven reliability, sheer force and explosive performance has seen it become the mission-critical workhorse for fast, reliable, safe worn liner knock-in at mine sites around the world."

Christian Kramer