THUNDERBOLT 250 Recoilless Hammer

The THUNDERBOLT 250 combines RME quality, reliability, safety and productivity with the advantage of ease-of-use and handheld mobility. Weighing in at just 22kg while delivering a precise 250 joules of impact 60 times a minute, the THUNDERBOLT 250 eliminates inaccurate sledge hammer swings and risk of operator injury.


  • Portable, easy to handle, operational in minutes
  • Safe pneumatic power for hazardous environments
  • Industry-leading robustness and reliability
  • Low maintenance needs and total lifecycle costs
  • Eliminates repetitive, high-risk, unsafe manual tasks
  • Improves reline productivity for higher mill availability


  • Pneumatic-powered, portable, plug-n-go solution
  • Delivers a consistently-controlled 250 joules of force 60 times a minute
  • At 22kg it can be operated by two reline crew without need for suspension
  • Ergonomically superior design for easy handling over extended periods of use
  • Mobile trolley and whole-of-unit lifting lugs for easy transport by crew or crane
  • Built-in safety mechanisms to prevent accidental discharge
  • Air regulator ensures optimal, predictable hammer firing performance
  • Hammer centre-of-gravity lifting location for optional suspension from a spring balancer
  • Time-proven precision engineering and parts manufacturing ensure low wear and tear and extended service life
  • Mechanically-integrated components – hammer, trolley, hose set, moils – for space-efficient, secure storage between relines



  • Ideal for smaller-capacity mills or lighter weight liners, particularly those still serviced by unsafe manual sledge hammers
  • Suitable for sites with limited suspension options or areas where electrical tools are a potential hazard
  • A portable, high-performing liner bolt removal companion for field service crews
  • RME stands ready to guide Customers through the THUNDERBOLT selection process for their mill requirements



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"The THUNDERBOLT 250 may well be lighter in weight, but not in impact. Not only does it generate 250 joules of force every second, its easy handling benefits smaller mills and field service crews alike, ensuring improved knock-in productivity and safety."

Christian Kramer