The THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM 1000 is the industry’s most productive recoilless hammer yet. Its impressive, accelerated strike rate and high velocity rapid fire is proven to shorten the critical knock-in phase during mill relines. The THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM 1000’s versatile productivity will excel in a wide range of environments and deliver increased mill availability through fast, reliable and safe relines.


  • Precision engineered for unrivalled longevity, reliability and performance in the industry
  • Reduced servicing intervals and lifecycle costs
  • Improved component accessibility for ease of maintenance
  • Optimised asset health with intelligent on-board monitoring
  • Unsurpassed operator safety with advanced new shock reduction and ergonomics
  • Hammer productivity consistently high which means reduced knock-in duration, faster relines and increased mill availability


  • New operator-programmable ‘MAGNUM Mode’ for precision safety and more granular control
  • High-energy blow impact at 1000 joules per blow in MAGNUM Mode (33% increase) and 750 joules in standard mode*
  • Consistent, electronically-controlled rapid fire rate of 140 blows per minute (BPM) in MAGNUM Mode (55% increase) and 160 BPM (77% increase) in standard mode*
  • Extended service intervals at 100,000 blows (150% increase)*
  • Groundbreaking recoil dry fire shock reduction (90% decrease) minimises machine stress and operator fatigue*
  • Removable casing for easier component accessibility and superior repairability
  • Electronically-managed dual-action contact trigger safety mechanism eliminates risk of accidental firing
  • Redesigned hydraulic systems for improved operational safety and use
  • Integrates with the new THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM Power Pack, which is also interchangeable between the THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM 1000 and 2000 models

*Compared to the THUNDERBOLT 750 Special Performance Recoilless Hammer


  • Excels in a wide range of mill applications and high wear relines of small, medium and large SAG mills by offering quantifiable time-saving gains to Customers
  • Combines a powerful rapid fire rate with intelligent, cutting-edge technology for consistently fast, reliable, safe relines
  • RME stands ready to guide Customers through the THUNDERBOLT selection process for their mill requirements


Engineering Whitepaper

At our Unmissable Webinar series, 'The Knock-in Effect', RME presented commercial outcomes that can be achieved from the new THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM Hammer range. Our Engineers shared the results of a MILL RELINE DIRECTOR (MRD) study undertaken by RME, which investigated the impact of the THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM Recoilless Hammers’ increased strike energy and firing rate on the knock-in phase during worn liner removal.

To underpin the webinar series, RME Engineers produced a 10-page whitepaper which summarises the results from the MRD study including the potential to achieve significant annual reline time reductions of up to 44 hours* or more through optimal use and configuration of THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM Hammers. 

This whitepaper addresses:

  • The 'Knock-in Effect' highlighting optimal Hammer configurations relevant to different mill sizes and types
  • Mill scenario modelling with benefits defined for high wear and full scope relines of mid and large mills
  • Modelling outcomes for typical and difficult reline conditions on one or both sides of the mill

To access RME's engineering performance whitepaper 'The Knock-in Effect' click here!

*Annualised reline time saving modelled from three (3) THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM Hammers (1 x 2000 & 2 x 1000’s) relining a large SAG mill versus a single THUNDERBOLT 750 Special Performance Recoilless Hammer reference case (see scenario B in the ‘The Knock-in Effect’ whitepaper for further details)


To download the THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM 1000 Recoilless Hammer Product Brief, please click here.

To download the THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammer Model Comparison Table, please click here.

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"With an unwavering rapid fire rate of up to 160 blows per minute, and up to 1000 joules per blow, the THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM 1000 outperforms every other general-purpose liner bolt removal tool when it comes to knock-in work rate, speed and safety."

David Groves
New Product Innovation Manager, RUSSELL MINERAL EQUIPMENT