mill relining industry’s most powerful recoilless hammer, conclusively delivering the ultimate in impact energy per blow. For applications where maximum force and momentum are required, the THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM 2000 will easily expedite the toughest of knock-in phases, in the most challenging of conditions for fast, reliable, safe relines and greater mill availability.


  • Combines sheer power and force with best-in industry equipment reliability and longevity
  • Tough, stuck and deeply-wedged liner bolt removal made faster, easier and safer
  • Reduced servicing intervals and lifecycle costs
  • Improved component accessibility for ease of maintenance
  • Optimised asset health with intelligent on-board monitoring
  • Unmatched operator safety with advanced new shock reduction and ergonomics
  • Reduced knock-in duration means faster relines and opportunities for improving concentrator profitability


  • New operator-programmable ‘MAGNUM Mode’ for precision safety and more granular control
  • Extreme high-energy impact at 2000 joules per blow (33% increase) in MAGNUM Mode and 1500 joules in standard mode*
  • Consistent, electronically-controlled strike rate of 70 blows per minute (BPM) in MAGNUM Mode (16% increase) and 80 BPM (33% increase) in standard mode*
  • Extended service intervals at 100,000 blows (150% increase)*
  • Groundbreaking recoil dry fire shock reduction (90% decrease) minimises machine stress and operator  fatigue*
  • Removable casing for easier  component accessibility and superior repairability
  • Electronically-managed dual-action contact trigger safety mechanism eliminates risk of accidental firing 
  • Redesigned hydraulic systems for improved operational safety and use
  • Integrates with the new  THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM Power Pack, which is also interchangeable between the THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM 1000 and 2000 models


*Compared to the THUNDERBOLT 1500 Special Performance Recoilless Hammer


  • Ideally suited to completing the toughest liner bolt removal jobs – whether it’s large mills with  heavyweight liners or discharge end stuck bolts – in the shortest possible time-frame
  • Combines maximum power with cutting-edge technology for consistently fast, reliable and safe relines
  • Early-stage commercial trials have demonstrated worn liner knock-in with reductions in and elimination of lancing, capturing further time savings
  • RME stands ready to guide Customers through the THUNDERBOLT selection process for their mill requirements



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"With up to an astounding 2000 joules per blow, the new THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM 2000 is unsurpassed when it comes to completing the toughest liner bolt removal in the shortest possible time-frame while keeping your reline crew safe from harm."

David Groves
New Product Innovation Manager, RUSSELL MINERAL EQUIPMENT