Liner Handling

RUSSELL 3 1000

The RUSSELL 3 1000 Mill Liner Handler is designed for mills with sufficient free space at one end of the mill and with liners up to 1000kg. The RUSSELL 3 1000 offers a value for money, standardised design solution backed by legendary RME reliability and after sales service.

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RUSSELL 3 1500

RUSSELL 3 1500 Mill Liner Handler features liner lifting capacities of 1500kg and typically access the mill cavity from the mill feed end. Suitable for small to medium sized mills with mill entry diameters greater than 900mm, these smaller three axis Liner Handlers suit those applications beyond MILLMAST's 400kg capacity limit, at sites where there are no space limitations outside the mill.

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The RUSSELL 3V Mill Liner Handler is designed for lifting and manoeuvring liners in vertical grinding mills. When used in conjunction with the included liner adapter tools it also facilitates the lifting of worn liners and removing them from the mill.

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MILLMAST Powershift

The MILLMAST POWERSHIFT is the in-mill erected liner handler which suits small to medium mills with high ball charge levels. Erected in minutes and able to handle liners weighing up to 400kg, MILLMAST POWERSHIFT eliminates all manual liner lifting. Power is sourced from the MILLMAST Powerpack placed outside the mill.

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The MILLMAST MAX Mill Liner Handler is an efficient relining solution for Ball mills with liners up to 400kg and sufficient free space at one end of the mill. By removing the need for manual lifting, MILLMAST MAX delivers an affordable and reliable way to boost productivity and crew safety. Available for Ball mills up to 26ft in diameter. Minimum clear entry diameter is 1150mm.