RUSSELL 3 1000

The RUSSELL 3 1000 Mill Liner Handler is designed for mills with sufficient free space at one end of the mill and with liners up to 1000kg.  The RUSSELL 3 1000 offers a value for money, standardised design solution backed by legendary RME reliability and after sales service.

The RUSSELL 3 1000 is available for quick delivery for mills from 10' to 28' in diameter and 12' to 30' in length. The minimum clear entry diameter required is 800mm. 

Options to customise

The RUSSELL 3 1000 is available with the following options:

  • Lift In/Lift Out, Single Direction Rail or Rubber Tyred 3 x 1 (three wheels with one driven wheel) base frame
  • Telescoping beam (depends on mill size)
  • Unpowered and powered liner cart or powered roller conveyor for liner transport in and out of the mill
  • Separate hydraulic Power Pack


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