The RUSSELL 3V Mill Liner Handler is designed for lifting and manoeuvring liners in vertical grinding mills. When used in conjunction with the included liner adapter tools it also facilitates the lifting of worn liners and removing them from the mill.

The RUSSELL 3V Mill Liner Handler is customised for the vertical mill for which it was designed. RME offers RUSSELL 3V Mill Liner Handlers capable of lifting liners weighing up to 10 tonnes.


The key features of the RUSSELL 3V are:

  • Low profile liner interface designed specifically for the vertical mill (fits easily between flutes)
  • Proportional hydraulic control for highly accurate positioning
  • Remote proportional pendant for improved safety and control
  • Robust design and rigid mounting for improved stability and accuracy
  • Task specific (no competing lifting requirements to slow reline)
  • Customised to suit site requirements


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