Twin Tube Monorail

The RME Twin Tube Monorail design is an excellent choice for THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammer suspension where adequate floor space is not available and particularly large mills are to be relined.

Unlike the conventional “I” beam style monorail, the twin tube design ensures trouble free operation for long periods even in extremely dusty environments. Due to the tubular rail design, dust cannot settle on the curved surface where the uniquely designed RME monorail trolley wheels run. When used together with the THUNDERBOLT Twin-Tube Monorail Winch you have raise and lower functionality at your fingertips. When used with the THUNDERBOLT Pneumatic Monorail Winch the raise lower function is controlled by a separate pendant.

The design of the monorail system to suit your specific requirements is done to RME’s exacting standards by an external engineering company familiar with structural design and concentrator plant environments. RME can coordinate this design work and supply either the finalised manufacturing drawings or manufacture and supply the entire system to suit.

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