THUNDERBOLT Moil Axis Guides (T-MAGs)

A wide range of T-MAG Moil Axis Guides have been developed to improve knock-in safety on all Mills regardless of bolt and washer dimensions.

The T-MAG (THUNDERBOLT Moil Axis Guide) is an ergonomically designed moil guide that has been specifically developed for use with the range of THUNDERBOLT Recoilless Hammers to make bolt knock in safer and more efficient. The T-MAG uses a powerful magnet to adhere temporarily to the mill shell, thereby eliminating the need for site personnel in the THUNDERBOLT Hammer strike zone.

RME recommends that T-MAGs are used with all THUNDERBOLT Hammer applications.

A set of T-MAGs makes mill relining faster and safer by:

  • Ensuring moil guidance on bolts that are flush with the mill shell.
  • Avoiding shell and bolt hole damage by guiding the moil effectively even when the bolt is flush with the mill shell thereby avoiding contact with areas other than the bolt end.
  • Minimising the probability of moil and bolt chipping by ensuring centred and controlled impact.
  • Effectively containing the metal shards within the T-MAG guide, in the case where shards are produced.

The T-MAG has been extensively tested in the field, and under controlled conditions in RME’s Product Development facility. Reline metric data collected in the field over various site trials shows a reduction in mill bolt knock-in times by approx. 20% when T-MAGs are used to locate the moil.

A range of T-MAG Guides has been developed to enable safe use on all mills (with varied bolt and washer dimensions) on site.

T-MAGs are most effective when used in sets. RME recommends a quantity of four T-MAGs per THUNDERBOLT Hammer with matching sets of guides to suit all mill bolt and washer diameters on site (if a variety of bolt and washer sizes exist on site).

Which T-MAG should you use for your mill?

Russell Mineral Equipment has designed a set of T-MAGs to suit most liner bolts. Use the table below to select which T-MAGs are best suited to your site: