Optimised mill relining processes unlock greater mill availability, through-put and mine site profitability.

RME has developed MRD, a ‘discrete event’ based mill relining simulation technology. MRD creates a virtual representation of your mill and mill reline. This is your reference reline which can be developed in several ways. MRD reviews the effectiveness of each mill relining activity in the reference reline in terms of duration and performance. Through RME, reline planners and grinding plant designers can apply MRD to identify performance improvement opportunities, by changing the various parameters in the virtual reline. These variable parameters include site layout, tool quantities, liner arrangements, labour quantities, labour performance and more. These variables allow the creation of alternative reline scenarios. In comparing the alternative reline scenario simulation results with your reference reline, optimisation opportunities are identified, reported and quantified.

MRD identifies optimisation opportunities by delivering the means to:

  • Reduce reline times
  • Identify reline bottlenecks
  • Assess existing plant layout
  • Increase relining predictability
  • Reduce waste
  • Design effective new plant layout
  • Improve relining safety
  • Optimise equipment selections
  • Optimise reline practices

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