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RME Solutions

RME prides itself in being able to identify problems - sometimes even before they are identified by our Customers themselves - and develop advanced solutions to these issues.

Broadly speaking, the types of solutions that RME has been involved in fall into two main categories. Our core focus currently is the RME Relining Systems aspect of our business, but RME is proud of the successes that we have achieved in other fields of endeavour. This other area of Engineered Solutions provides RME with an opportunity to stretch our innovation, engineering and manufacturing skills, which delivers significant benefit to our ability to continue to improve our RME Mill Relining System suite of technologies.

RME Mill Relining Systems

Maintenance shutdowns cost real money. In mineral concentrators, grinding mill relining defines the maintenance shutdown duration. In other words, mill relining is critical.

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RME Engineered Solutions

Creative problem solving is part of the cultural DNA of Russell Mineral Equipment. In the early 1980s, RME’s Executive Chairman, John Russell clearly recognised the tremendous leverage promised by mechanising the grinding mill relining process.

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