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On-site Commissioning

All RME’s equipment is factory tested and commissioned prior to packing and transport. All RME Mill Relining System Technologies require on-site unpacking, assembly, commissioning and operator training.

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On-site Maintenance

RME provides a worldwide on-site maintenance service. It stands to reason that maximum equipment reliability will be achieved by regularly maintaining it, and so RME has focused on how we can provide our customers with quicker and more cost effective on-site service. Providing a better maintenance service was the primary impetus for establishing our subsidiaries in Chile, the United States and South Africa.

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When you’ve made the investment in the world’s best mill relining system, you can be assured that after-sales support is not an after-thought. RME’s Site Service & Optimisation personnel deliver premium OEM asset support, as well as relining safety and performance optimisation, according to your needs and your budget, wherever you are in the world.

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Spare Parts and Techical Support

Each RME Mill Relining System is unique, designed to meet individual site requirements. It stands to reason, then, that the servicing and spare parts support we provide for equipment at site must also be tailored for the requirements of each RME Mill Relining System.

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Major Rebuilds

RME designs our suite of technologies for long term use, and the fact that there are over 400 RUSSELL Mill Relining Machines and Mill Liner Handlers worldwide that are operational and over 5 years old, gives credibility to RME's claims of design and manufacturing leadership.

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RME offers training at our purpose built Research and Development Facility in Toowoomba, Australia or at your mine site. RME's training may also be completed at our Regional Service Centres located in Salt Lake City in America, Santiago and Antofagasta in Chile and Johannesburg in South Africa. RME's Specialist Trainers are Certificate IV qualified trainers and assessors.

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RME Solutions

Russell Mineral Equipment prides itself in being able to identify problems - sometimes even before they are identified by our customers themselves - and develop advanced solutions to these issues.

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Russell Mineral Equipment (RME) is built on proven performance. We observe operation and maintenance practices, join dots and invent solutions that improve mineral concentrator performance.

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Optimised mill relining processes unlock greater mill availability, through-put and mine site profitability.

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Most RME Customers experience the benefits of RME’s MILL RELINE DIRECTOR (MRD) technology platform – our industry’s only scientifically defensible, mill relining simulation tool.

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