Rubber Tyred Transporters


RUSSELL Classic FCTs will take the heavy load of the mill feed, and load off the plant floor, with ease and utmost safety.

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Rapid extraction, transport and replacement of mill feed chutes is critical for mill inspections plus maintenance and is vital for fast relining. When a problem or delay is encountered, it can impact maintenance efficiency, plant floor structural integrity and mill availability. Built to work hard over the long haul, RUSSELL Feed Chute Transporters (FCTs) allow even the most fully choked loads to be handled with ease, speed and safety.


  • Engineered-to-order for a wide range of plant and mill feed needs
  • Two (2WD), four (4WD), and multi-wheel drive (MWD) options for outstanding tight-space manoeuvrability
  • Smart load distribution technology protects plant floor structural integrity
  • Superior operator ergonomics and radio remote control option for improved safety
  • Use across multiple mills for higher asset utilisation and return on investment (ROI)
  • Easy servicing lowers total cost of ownership (TCO) over equipment life
  • Unrivalled equipment reliability, durability and longevity
  • Improves mill availability, throughput and profitability


  • MWD smart load distribution technology reduces floor point loads, minimises mill deck design requirements and ensures plant and equipment structural integrity
  • Radio remote control option available for increased safety and productivity*
  • Negotiates uneven surfaces, floor obstacles, embedded rail line infrastructure and slight inclines
  • Steering capabilities include: Standard, rotate, Transvers, Crab, Carrousel
  • Independent operation of the front and rear lifting cylinders to keep the feed chute level at all times
  • Powered by RUSSELL Mill Relining Machine (MRMs), THUNDERBOLT MAGNUM Power Pack, plant supply via a trailing electrical cable or on-board diesel engine
  • Electrically-powered system is integration-ready for renewable energy systems
  • Industry-best safety systems: safety rated components, tie downs for machine stability, hidden hydraulics and electricals protect RUSSELL FCT and ensure crew safety
  • Compliant with all relevant Australian, International, and country-specific standards 
  • Manufactured at RME’s ISO-certified production facility in Australia
  • Comprehensive, personalised RME 24/7/SERVICE OEM support

*Available for all RUSSELL FCTs except RUSSELL Unpowered Rail Feed Chute Bases

  • RUSSELL FCTs deliver fast, reliable, safe feed chute transfer during mill access and maintenance
  • Finds applications in small, medium and large SAG, AG and ball mills right around the world
  • Can service multiple feed chutes and transport a range of onsite plant and equipment
  • Integrates with the RME Mill Relining System

RME is the world’s leading Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) of mill relining systems.


RUSSELL MRMs engineered, manufactured and delivered.


THUNDERBOLT Recoiless Hammers sold.


Mine sites served by RME equipment & services.

"RUSSELL Feed Chute Transporters can be relied on to take the load off – whether it’s removing a fully choked mill feed or protecting plant floor structural integrity. They provide fast and safe mill feed chute extraction, and delivers outstanding manoeuvrability and productive versatility."

Tarnya McBurney,
Product Manager – RUSSELL Mill Relining Placement Machines and RUSSELL Feed Chute Transporters, RUSSELL MINERAL EQUIPMENT
Russell Feed Chute Transporter Classic

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